Single-Member LLC is a limited liability company with one member only. Typically, small businesses choose to work as single-member companies rather than corporations. It works just like any other LLC would and you can enjoy the same tax benefits. The only difference is that one person owns it!

A Single-Member LLC is the ideal place to start for those individuals who are the only person involved in their business.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Single-Member LLC?

Here are some amazing benefits that make it worth to switch from a sole proprietorship to SMLLC or to create a SMLLC in the first place!

●     You’ll be recognized as an LLC.

●     Your LLC name is registered with the state, and no other business in the state can use the same name.

●     Only the business is liable, and your assets remain secure, which gives you great peace of mind.

●     Businesses with LLC in their name are generally looked at as “official” or professional businesses, allowing you to attract better clients and/or more clients.

●     It helps to avoid significant impacts when declaring bankruptcy or going through a lawsuit; your assets remain protected!

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