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Before you take the big decision to incorporate your business in US, you should make sure that all your queries, doubts and questions are answered properly.

Basic formation questions?

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Can I legally own a US company as a non resident?

Yes, off course. In fact more than 30% of all the companies registered in the US are owned and operated by non-residents only. The USA allows anybody and everybody from any corner of the globe to legally form & operate a US company remotely with 100% ownership.

What is the procedure of company formation?

Complete US company formation is the sequential process that starts with name search (to make sure that desired company name is available for registration) with the Secretary of State of the respective state.

Then application for company registration (Certificate of Organization/Articles of Organization etc) is filed with the State for approval.

On approval of State the company documents are made available.

After company registration, every new US company is required to get EIN (Employer Identification Number) aka FEIN aka Business Tax ID.

After getting the EIN company is legally registered and permitted to do business in the US.

On the basis on company registration documents and EIN business can apply for business bank account in the banks of their choice.

As an owner of a US company can I move to the US?

No, merely being the owner of the US company which is just registered, it doesn’t affect your residency, immigration or visa status. You would be required to go through the existing visa programs (mostly B visa) depending on your country at least until your company grows big and you qualify for investor or similar visa.

I am the single owner, can I form LLC or C-Corp?

Single owners are free to choose LLC or C-Corporation.

Unlike most countries where company formation requires 2 or more people in the board of directors, US allows single owner to form an LLC as Single Member LLC which is classified as US Disregarded Entity for tax classification purpose.

For C-Corp as well single owner can take up all key positions of the Corporation like President, Secretary & Treasurer and own 100% shares of the company.

Can I register the company myself?

Yes you can, if you have at least the basic idea & knowledge about various governing laws and rules of the state where you wish to form the company and IRS.

Even if you do, the chances are you are not updated about the recent amendments and you end up doing wrong filings which may get your application disapproved which has serious repercussions to your business.

Hence, we recommend that you take help of a professional company, attorney or filer who will make sure that filings are done correct and will be able to assist you in case anything goes wrong.

Can I validate the company documents you provide?

Single owners are free to choose LLC or C-Corporation.

Unlike most countries where company formation requires 2 or more people in the board of directors, US allows single owner to form an LLC as Single Member LLC which is classified as US Disregarded Entity for tax classification purpose.

For C-Corp as well single owner can take up all key positions of the Corporation like President, Secretary & Treasurer and own 100% shares of the company.

Registered Agent & EIN Questions

If you own and/or run a small business, chances are, your state requires you to have a registered agent—most do. But even if your state doesn’t, strongly consider getting one. A registered agent is a responsible third-party in the same state as the business, who can receive service of process notices, correspondence from the Secretary of State, and other official government notifications—usually tax forms and notice of lawsuits—on behalf of the corporation or LLC.

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Why Do I Need a Registered Agent?

If you do not have a physical location in the state in which your business is registered, in most states, you must select a registered agent to accept documents on your behalf. The state in which your business is registered needs to know it has a contact person for your business during business hours; accordingly, PO boxes are not acceptable addresses for registered agents.

How Much Does EIN Cost?

Registered agent service is included for free with our company formation package. Generally it costs anywhere between $50-$150 depending on different states and services offered.

With us it costs $99 per year including everything you’ll be offered for first year.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

First and foremost requirement of being a registered agent for the purpose of company registration is that you must be physically present in the state of registration. If you fulfill this criteria you can always be your own registered agent.

Though you can choose to act as your LLC’s registered agent, but if you do, you’ll have to list your name and a physical address on the public record. Doing so negates the privacy benefits you get for hiring professional registered agents like us.

What About My US Business Address?

With every LLC formation package we provide a real and easily accessible US business address for your company.

Our virtual office not only gives you a physical address and mailing address in state, but it offers a professional look without the brick and mortar cost. You can work from your home, a coffee shop, or anywhere with an internet connection while your business enjoys all the benefits of a physical office at a fraction of the price. When customers Google or drive by the address, they’ll see a professional building that lends your business credibility while keeping your personal business private.

How Does Your Mail Forwarding Service Work?

Your business mail has to go somewhere, and the formation documents ask for a mailing address. Sure, you can use your office address, a PO box, or your home address for your regular business mail, but using our mail forwarding service can add an extra layer of privacy between you and your business by keeping your business’s mailing address off the public record too.

Our free mail forwarding (5 pieces of non-state mail a year) comes standard with our registered agent service, but that isn’t for your regular business mail. It’s for those odd times when a client or investor sends mail to your registered agent instead of you (trust us, it happens).

What is EIN Number and Why Do I Need It?

It’s the most important document for your business. It’s like your business identity number issued by IRS. Businesses need an EIN to pay their federal taxes online, to file their annual tax return, and to issue payroll and tax documents to suppliers. The number has less to do with employees and more to do with taxation, so if your business pays taxes (and who doesn’t), you need an EIN.

I don't have an SSN or ITIN, can I still get EIN?

Yes, absolutely. SSN is needed only for US residents. Non residents & foreigners can also get EIN for their businesses registered in US or outside US too. We get EIN on the basis of your newly formed LLC or existing company in your country.

I Have My Business Offshore, Can I get EIN for it?

Yes, the US allows foreign companies to apply for only EIN number for Non-US businesses which is needed for doing business with US companies and individuals.

How much time for getting EIN only?

Getting EIN from IRS is quick which is generally 2-3 days during normal days but due to global pandemic currently it’s taking more time i.e. 30-45 days for IRS to assign EIN. Still we try to get the EIN assigned within minimum possible time i.e. 7-10 days (the fastest TAT in the industry).

Please be aware that physical copy of EIN letter i.e. CP575 takes 2-4 weeks to arrive at your business address in US after EIN is assigned.

Bank Account & Payment Gateways Questions

After successfully registering your company and getting EIN, chances are you need a US business bank account in order to receive payments from clients and customers in lieu of the services or products sold.

After patriot act came into existence, it has become extremely difficult for non resident alien (without SSN) to get a business bank account remotely in major banks like Bank of America, Chase, Citi bank etc as they would require physical presence of the owner or partner or manager at the time of application.

With an ITIN some banks may consider application for bank account for non resident owner of US registered company.

However, with evolving global economy and emergence of financial technology companies, things are changing and now non-resident owners have couple of options to get a US business bank account in Fintech like Mercury, Wise etc

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Do you provide business bank account along with company formation?

The company formation package includes only company registration, EIN and legal and compliance part of the company and assistance for bank account is additional and optional part of the package which we provide for free.

We only assist with process and arrange documents required for applying for bank account with our partner Mercury.


Here is why:

Unlike any other financial service, opening a US business bank account without physically visiting the bank is subject to very strict scrutiny of the person, nature of business, intended purpose of bank account and company applying for it.

We may however on client request guide and complete the bank application on their behalf, but accepting or rejecting your application is at the sole discretion of the bank.

Can you also help in getting bank account in banks other than Mercury/Wise?

Yes, if any of the members/partners/manager are already in the US or willing to visit the US.

For further updates and bank options, you may contact us for personalized consultation.

What Are The Bank Account Requirements?

You’ll need a U.S. company with a federal EIN, your company’s articles of incorporation, and a picture of your government ID (e.g. a passport or driver’s license). We’ll file the company and get you an EIN and articles of incorporation. We just need a picture of your passport.

Can The Bank Account Be Opened Online?

Yes, Mercury accepts application online only. There is no need to visit US, however, if need be you maybe asked to verify your identity by uploading you live photo and additional identification documents using secured identity verification link.

Is There a Monthly Maintenance Fee For Bank Account?

No, they don’t have minimum balances, account opening fees, or monthly maintenance fees.

Will The Bank Issue a Credit Card for Free?

The bank does not offer a credit card service. Once you have a bank account you should be able to apply for credit cards at any of the major service providers (Chase, Discover, Amex, etc). Also, the bank does issue a debit card for your usage and we will ship the debit card to your US address which can be further forwarded to your address internationally.

What are the Features of Business Bank Account?

  • Minimum balance requirements : Zero
  • Monthly/yearly fees : Zero
  • Minimum deposit : Zero
  • Overdraft fees : Zero
  • Checking account facility: Yes
  • Savings account facility: Yes
  • International Debit Card: Yes
  • Sending & receiving ACH: Free
  • Sending & receiving check : Free
  • Receiving domestic wires: Free
  • Receiving international wires :Free

Are there any industries that bank account cannot be opened for?

Yes, bank is very selective about which business types or activities are allowed for bank account.

As of now bank is unable to support all high risk businesses that deal in providing or exchanging cryptocurrency, unauthorized travel operators, used or second hand items, privately owned ATMs, money services, unlawful internet gambling, cannabis sales etc.

However, we can form these companies and get the EIN along with other documents required for opening bank account in person at any of the US bank branches.

Order & Billing Questions?

We have tried to make sure that ordering company formation and related services is easy, quick and smooth.

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How to place the order?

To place order for company formation service just to the service page, click on sign up, complete the payments and provide us required details.

What information and documents are required?

We require a copy of your passport and proof of address . Apart from that you only need to submit your personal & business details which will be used while applying for your company formation, EIN & bank account.

How long will it take to register my company?

Generally it takes approx 15-45 days (depends on formation package) for complete processing that includes Company formation with SOS, getting EIN from IRS & opening bank account.

Please note: Time frame mentioned at different stages in indicative in nature, it may increase or decrease keeping in mind the impact of ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Do you offer refunds or cancellation?

Buy with confidence knowing that your purchase is 100% refundable minus any expenses we have incurred to begin your formation. Once our payment is sent to the state, however, we cannot accept any cancellations or changes to your filing.

What are the payment options available?

We accept all major credit & debit cards along with net banking and many other wallet. We also accept payments through PayPal & Cryptocurrencies.

Is there any monthly/yearly recurring fees?

There is no monthly recurring fees payable for company formation package unless opted for any additional service like taxation, accounting or book keeping etc.

There is annual filing fees payable directly to the Secretary of State to keep your company in good standing and compliant.

For Example: Annual filing fees for WY is $56.

Apart from this you need to keep subscription for Registered Agent service active for the company to , hence annual charges against registered agent service is payable annually. Annual charges for our Registered Agent service (including all add-ons) is $99 which is payable before expiry of one year from registration.

Your annual charges are roughly $155 per year to keep your company active & legally compliant.

If you need help ! contact us

If you are still left with any more doubts or questions please don’t hesitate to let us know

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